Polar Seafood is a key supplier of a large range of fresh, frozen and smoked fish products. Our wide product range includes Greenland halibut, redfish and cod. To ensure the very best quality, the majority of our fish is caught by our own trawler fleet and frozen at sea.


Frozen fish

The trawlers, fishing in the deep waters of the Arctic Ocean, are able to haul on board, process, grade and then freeze the catch within a 4 to 6-hour time frame. This ensures that fish from Polar Seafood is consistently fresh and of the highest standard and quality. Most of the fish in our product range are available as whole, J-cut, as fillets or in portions.


Smoked products

Our large range of smoked products from our own smokehouse are salted by hand and smoked in old-fashioned smoke ovens to ensure superb quality and texture. The smoked products such as salmon and Greenland halibut can be packed as pre-sliced whole fillets or retail packs. Products can be dry-salted and either cold- or hot-smoked. More information is available at Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks A/S.

Polar Seafood - The World of Seafood

With its head office in Nuuk Greenland, Polar Seafood is the largest
privately owned fishing company operating in Greenland.
Polar Seafood is one of Scandinavia's key suppliers of a wide range of seafood products suitable for processors,
wholesalers, caterers and retail customers. Cold-water prawns, Greenland halibut, redfish, cod etc. are caught by
Polar Seafood's own modern trawler fleet.
Our processing factories in Greenland and Denmark are Higher Level BRC.

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Seafood since 1984

Polar Seafood Greenland A/S was established in 1984 as the sales and marketing company for a number of independently owned Greenlandic prawn trawlers. Today, Polar Seafood is one of the top seafood exporters in Scandinavia and the largest privately owned company in Greenland.

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