Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sustainable development is about giving a helping hand in solving the global and local problems rather than being part of them. Polar Seafood aspires to a society that develops in a positive way, both economically and socially, and we therefore remain focused on our Corporate Social Responsibiliti (CSR).


In our CSR work we concentrate on the following areas:

  1. Environment and climate
  2. Society
  3. Sustainable seafood
  4. Work environment


1. Environment and climate

As one of Greenland’s largest seafood producers, we commit ourselves to dealing with climate and environmental issues. The use of large quantities of energy and water is inevitable in the fish production process and we take our responsibility extremely seriously. We have therefore directed our approach to focus on a more overall resource consumption of energy and water. We endeavour to minimise our negative footprint and improve the effect on the environment and climate.


Our focus areas:

  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Optimisation of raw material utilisation in production
  • Waste management


2. Society

Polar Seafood believes that good and responsible actions pay off and that improvements in the environment and social areas also support our earnings. Through economic support, Polar Seafood strives to contribute to the local community and the Greenlandic society.
Polar Seafood primarily supports education, sports activities, social and cultural development and charitable organisations.


3. Sustainable seafood

Polar Seafood respects all published requirements established by TAC (Total Allowable Catch), national and international laws and rules regarding quality and food safety legislation.
Polar Seafood has an open dialogue with local authorities, organisations and customers in order to improve our products and production to comply with current requirements. We are very much aware of this aspect and plan all our activities accordingly.


4. Work environment

Polar Seafood's most important resource is our workforce, and today we employ approximately 900 people. It is of great importance to us that everyone is treated equally, and that each individual is respected and valued.

Polar Seafood is constantly working to improve the work environment throughout the organisation. We continue our focus on creating a spacious and attractive work place to keep our skilled employees satisfied and motivated.

Polar Seafood - The World of Seafood

With its head office in Nuuk Greenland, Polar Seafood is the largest
privately owned fishing company operating in Greenland.
Polar Seafood is one of Scandinavia's key suppliers of a wide range of seafood products suitable for processors,
wholesalers, caterers and retail customers. Cold-water prawns, Greenland halibut, redfish, cod etc. are caught by
Polar Seafood's own modern trawler fleet.
Our processing factories in Greenland and Denmark are Higher Level BRC.

Company brochure

Seafood since 1984

Polar Seafood Greenland A/S was established in 1984 as the sales and marketing company for a number of independently owned Greenlandic prawn trawlers. Today, Polar Seafood is one of the top seafood exporters in Scandinavia and the largest privately owned company in Greenland.

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